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Revolutionizing Material Handling with Electroadhesion

Corporate Overview and Products Benefits
Grabit Inc. is poised to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar material handling market with its patented electroadhesion technology. Electroadhesion is a disruptive technology that enables completely new solutions in robotic parts handling, parts fixturing, warehouse logistics and conveying systems. It is a highly-flexible, ultra-low energy technology that enables the reliable grasping and transfer of parts and eliminates the need for part-specific, bulky, energy-intensive conventional gripper technology. Grabit products enable new applications and deliver customer-validated direct and dramatic benefits to the bottom line with unprecedented flexibility, performance and low operating costs.

Enhanced Flexibility
Grabit technology eliminates the need for part-specific grippers and minimizes gripper changeover, dramatically reducing costs and downtime.
Reduced Complexity
Grabit grippers do not require vacuum hoses and pumps, reducing complexity and weight and enabling the use of lighter duty and less expensive robots.
Gentle Handling
Grabit grippers offer scratch and smudge-free handling with its clean grasping and eliminates the need to remove residue left by vacuum cups. Grabit’s uniform grasping effect eliminates high “point stresses” on large format glass sheets.
Low Energy & Quiet Operations
Grabit products operate at ultra-low energy levels providing cost savings and enabling mobile robot applications, and also offer quiet operations improving factory conditions and supporting the adoption of collaborative robots.
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