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Revolutionizing Material Handling with Electroadhesion

Grabit Inc. is poised to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar materials handling market with its patented electroadhesion technology. Electroadhesion is a disruptive technology that enables completely new solutions in robotic parts handling, parts fixturing, warehouse logistics and conveying systems. It is a highly-flexible, ultra-low energy technology that enables the grasp and release of parts without having to use conventional vacuum technology or mechanical grippers. Electroadhesion can successfully grasp a wide range of materials with smooth, rough, porous, or dusty surfaces.

Product Benefits
Grabit's electroadhesion technology offers a paradigm shift in the design of material handling equipment and eliminates the limitations of current parts handling and conveying systems. Grabit’s electrically controlled adhesion technology “acts like a magnet and enables the reliable grasping of parts to eliminate the need for bulky, energy-intensive conventional vacuum technology, or expensive part specific fixtures.

Grabit products deliver direct and dramatic benefits with unprecedented flexibility, performance and low operating costs.

Flexibility Grabit technology eliminates the need for part specific vacuum cup or mechanical grippers or fixtures, dramatically reducing costs and reducing system complexity. Grabit grippers are easily scaled up for larger format grippers/fixtures.
Energy Savings Grabit products can operate at three orders of magnitude less energy (1000 times less) than conventional vacuum and compressed air technology
Size Reduction System embedded or auxiliary vacuum pumps are completely eliminated with Grabit products, allowing significant weight and floor space savings. Electroadhesion’s lightweight design reduces the weight of grippers and fixtures compared to conventional approaches.
Noise Reduction Grabit products offer virtual “silent operations vs. vacuum pumps operating at >70 dB.
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